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Okay this post is more like a rant then anything so you have been warned…..

There is this troll on YouTube that told one of the writers that I follow that they were too old to be part of the Authortube community and that her chosen genre was so easy a monkey could do it.

Personally, I am outraged at this. I am not much older then the author in question and while I don’t have a YouTube channel, I have a severe issue with people that tell others how to live their lives based on their rules. If you are not paying my bills, you have no right to tell me what to do or how to act or think, and even then there are limits and if you try to control me too much I will likely tell you to not let the door hit you in the arse on the way out of it.

Have I had people try to play the control game? Heck yes. In its most recent version I had people telling me what I could or not post on my social media, and when I did post things I had to watch what it was I posted because they had a habit of reading something and starting a fight with me because they swore I was posting all about them and no one else. 

Others have gone so far to tell me that my writing is a hobby and it should remain so and that because their lives had a particular focus, then mine should too. Um no. Stephen King and the other bestseller authors don’t just magically make their books appear. It takes actual work and time to do it, just like working an 9 to 5 job. And anyone that truly knows me, knows that I have always wanted to write and I always found time to do it. Hello, it took Tolkien something like 15 years to write the greatest fantasy series of all time, and George RR Martian doesn’t rush his creativity. I know other writers that have a 2-5 year gap between books. Some have writing as their 9-5 and some have other 9-5 jobs or are raising kids.

My point here is that NO ONE has the right to devalue another person because they do not fit into their cozy little idea of what the ideal they are comparing them too.  Those of us that are older have a lot of wisdom and experience. We have lived through things that many have not.

Some of the people on YouTube don’t know what it is like to have lived through things like gas shortages, food rationing, going off to a war, assassinations, and the like. I am a survivor, I remember 9-11 like it was yesterday, the Challenger and Columbia disasters, I have seen nuclear meltdowns and one near meltdown not far from me. I remember the loss of the Andrea Gale and the Edmund Fitzgerald thanks to freaked up weather…. don’t devalue people that have lived through things that you may not even know happened or you were not alive for. 

In other news: I have 1 1/2 characters to finish and then I can work on setting up my plot for my Nanowrimo project…. yay! Red Sox are up in the World Series 2-1. World Championships for Gymnastics are about to start. From what I have seen…. Romania is not there with a team. And Simone Biles is a trooper. She’s dealing with kidney stone issues. Hope she gets better, though, their timing seriously sucks.





Catching Up And Why I Poofed


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Sorry for the disappearing act. A lot has happened and I did not want to post till things chilled out.

We moved in mid September and were without internet for much of that time. The house we moved into is 106 years old and double the size of the other house. I spent much of the offline time refitting my scrivener and doing work on both of my stories that I have been working on. Both are getting refits from the ground up and that is slow work.

I have been tossing and turning on which book to do for NanoWriMo, but as of this writing its going to be my Urban Fantasy that is in the spotlight. So far I have written up stuff for two of like six characters and worked out some plot notes. Not sure if it will all be done in time for Nanowrimo. If it fails then there is always next year and the rest of the year to finish the work that I am doing now. Worse comes to worse I will try an idea I came up with a few Nanowrimo’s back: 30 Days of NanoTarot. Basically, you pull a tarot card once a day and use that for inspiration for your 2000 words and try to weave a story together will them all. I’ll post them on the blog if people want.

With the work I am doing, my Urban Fantasy has began to change drastically. I still have the base lines of ghosts and magick and a coven, and the age range is still New Adult. The gymnastics parts are not currently part of the story, and with what is going on in the sport right now, I am not sure I want to have it in the story. The current setting is my hometown with some changes. It took a very old friend and his ghost hunting team to show me the wealth of ghost tales this town has to draw from and the town would be a nice base for the town for the story.

Halloween is a week away so here is a writing tag that I saw on Kim Chance’s YouTube channel. I tag you all to do this!

Hocus Pocus Writing Tag:

  1. Sarah, Mary, and Winifred Sanderson — If you had magical, witchy powers what part of writing or what part of the process would you magically skip over?  I am not a fan of drafting. It is very hard to get what is in my head onto a page and actually totally written. Yes, I am one of those writers that tends to stop if I get bored with a story or if it feels like I am pulling teeth trying to write.
  2. Max and Dani — What relationships tend to be at the heart of your books? Friends? Family? Romance? Its a mix of all three. My current Urban Fantasy WiP is currently focused around a family that are witches. Two of the characters are siblings, twins, actually and they both has love interests and there is one antagonist. The parents are there, but as the book is a New Adult, they are not front and center. The characters all range from 19-25.
  3. Amuck, Amuck, Amuck — How do you approach the chaos that is drafting? Are you a Plotter, a Pantser, or a Mix of both? I am a mix. I have Pantsed a novel only one time in my life and that was when I was about 12. I have researched and planned ever since. I am a very visual person so that helps me with working. 
  4. I Put a Spell On You — How do you deal with book ideas that want your focus from your main WiP? I have a file in all my Scrivener projects that I call Writing Scraps and each one is dated by year within that document. Each text file is are dated on the date added and all ideas are added there. I go back to them when Inspiration hits down the road.
  5. Thackeray Binx — Think back to when you first started writing to where you are now. How has your process changed? I used to hand write everything. Now everything is kept in a Scrivener file and its backed up on an external hard drive or on a DVD. I have moved more then once where book items did not follow me for some reason and each time, things have changed in the stories to compensate for that just in cause someone got a hold of it and  tried to use what I left behind. 
  6. My Lucky Rat — Do you have a writing ritual? If not, what are some of your favorite writing books?  I have to have tea or coffee near by and food or candy if possible. I also keep a deck of tarot cards near by. Sometimes when I can I have a candle lit, but with cats, its rare for me to o that.
  7. Boooooooook — Favorite writing craft book? Too many to list really. Stephen King’s On Writing  is at the top of the list.
  8. Another Glorious Morning — Do you enjoy writing in the morning? Or the evening? I love writing at night when everyone else is in bed and the house is silent.
  9. The Black Flame Candle — What is one of the biggest mistakes you have made so far in your writing journey? Or what is the biggest lesson that you have learned? I’d say that the biggest lesson would be is that it is okay to write crap and that if you need to take a self-care day, do it. 
  10. Billy Butcherson — What is a trope that most people hate, but you would love to see come back from the dead? I love anything that is witch or ghost related. And I don’t mind relationships or a Love Triangle, if they are well done. 
  11. Come Little Children — Songs that give you a hypnotic focus when writing? Depends on the book, but I do have a playlist for each of my WiP. Instrumentals help me focus on just going with the flow and writing.


Go BoSox!!!!




Rules For Paranormal Romance


Happy Saturday Everyone! To the Dad’s out there……


Now lets get to the post. It came to be because I was taking a break from being a Ninja Plotter. I did so much work to catch up that I actually hit the wall called, burnout. So I got some sleep and decided that I was going to work on my family history, but I did not get too far on that right off.

Then I decided to go and watch some YouTube, and one of the videos was about Paranormal Romances and that led to the notes that ended up being this post.

Rules For Paranormal Romance


Coffee & Makeup

Anita Reads

Alone: Lead female is always alone somehow. For whatever reason, her family is always dead and gone.

Innocent As Hell: She is a virgin when it comes to sex, and it may be way off her radar.

Dark Man: He is always the dark broody type that is good looking and well built.

Bah Humbug Cupid: He’s given up on romance for some reason and may actually have a dislike for the fairer sex.

Cupid’s Revenge: Love at First Sight on his side while she is not totally into it.

We Are Family:  He has family. His family is introduced to keep the series going.

Laissez Les  Bons Temps Rouler: At least one book has to be set in New Orleans, Louisiana.

PoV: Point of View tends to shift between the hero and heroine.

Its Hot In Here: Very frequent hot sex scenes.

Plot Central: The romance is central to the plot.

Focus: The romance of the story focuses solely on one couple.

If: If its a series, the books may be able to be read as stand atones because each book focuses on a different couple and their relationship.

Cover Art: The cover has a hot man on the cover compared to UF that has a bad assed woman on the cover.


















And So It Begins!


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It’s Friday! That means it’s Family History Day. TGIF!

If you tap the pull down under Family, you’ll notice two main trees. The Day and the Napier. I was adopted so I have the pleasure of having two distinct trees, almost like being a double agent. <grins>

I am working on them each one at a time. I have named each generation a branch . So far on the Napier tree I have five branches. Oh yes, there are more, and they will be added as I get to them.

Family that ties to either tree by marriage will have a sub-page under the tree it links to. For example, if I got married, my husband’s tree would be linked under both the Napier and Day trees as a sub tree.

So far it has been both a fun and educational ride. I have learned a good deal about my roots, which includes surprises on both trees. You can learn a lot about yourself doing this work.

Just in the last three years I have found cousins I never knew I had, found cousins I lost contact with, as well as found my daughter, so I’d say it was worth it, every inch of it.


It’s Raining……

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Everything was right with the wold when I fell into bed at 4 in the morning. I had just wrote nearly 1,000 words of notes after I pulled tarot cards for my character’s ordinary world, my roommate brought home sandwiches from work and an additional treat of salami ends from the slicers and some ham. I love the butt ends of the salami so now when she closes she brings them home for me to munch on.

I went to bed exhausted but very happy. It was almost 2 in the afternoon when I woke up. I planned to work on the next part of my layout, the call to adventure, after I had breakfast and coffee. Usually, that’s when I check my phone and do my rounds for Hogwarts Mystery. Today, I dropped my phone after seeing the breaking from CNN about Tony’s passing. All I could say was ‘Why Tony?’ as I broke down and bawled.

My eldest brother took his own life. I can empathize with all of those that ask why. I am still asking why after all these years for my brother. I will also never know how, just that it was by his own hand. His brother would join him as a result of drugs.

Tony was an idol, and an inspiration for me as a writer. He was not afraid to speak his mind and tossed cuss words in like they were ingredients in a recipe. He went places that others would not and showed the true power of food and drink, the power to bring people together and build bonds.

Requiescat in Pace Tony. Your demons are now quiet. I look forward to see what is on the menu when I get to the big restaurant in the sky!

Now I am going to write what I had planned today.


What Makes a New Adult Novel?

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  1. Your Readership: The audience is between 18 and 30
  2.  Protagonist: . Protagonist is between the ages of 18-30 give or take.
  3.  A Bunch of Firsts: Characters are often doing something that involves them being on their own for the first time in their lives, or they are experiencing other milestones like jobs, relationships, etc for the first time.
  4. Plot: The plot should address what it is like to be someone that is newly adult and has to deal with the things that come with being a new adult.
  5. Voices: The characters should have powerful Voices that fit the age range
  6. Pacing:  The story should be quickly paced
  7. Swearing: Swearing is allowed
  8. Parents: Parents are more in the background.
  9. Focus: Characters are more focused on the future, compared to YA which focuses on right now.
  10. Sex: You do not have to get explicit but remeber the sex focuses on more then just the feelings the characters experience whereas YA forces more on just the feeling.
  11. Chick Lit: Some say the reads are chick lit because of the romance in it.
  12. Partners and Relationships: Partners may be of the darker kind along with the relationships and it could be seen as needing trigger warnings, same goes with the content the plot may deal with.
  13. Covers: Many of the books have men with tattoos on the covers.
  14. Diversity: Diversity is lacking in the Genre.


Hot One in the Old Town Today

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Okay sorry its been ages but….life tossed me some curve balls and I hit a wall. Luckily I was able to kick the wall and get past it! Right now it is just after two in the afternoon and it is in the upper to mid 90s and well no AC so that does tend to lead to cranky peoples and such.

One of the things I have been busy with is rebuilding my novel files and researching the genre’s for one of my books.  I figure that I have a better chance at it being published if I know what editors and readers like and don’t like. It will be posted right after this. 

I just wanted to give a brief on where I have been so people don’t worry. And yes there will be more updates after it cools off some.



Why Family History?

That is a question that nearly anyone that does genealogy is either asked or asks. For me the answer is because I want to know who I am. I think this happens with everyone that is adopted at some point in their lives. Now, I do know that not everyone that is adopted, knows it or wants to rock the boat by investigating. Nor is every reunion story a happy one. 

I knew I was adopted from the onset. I was around 8 when I was adopted. I spent much of my life not wanting to know, that was until I saw a photo of my adopted great-uncle, Melvin. I asked about him because I saw a photo of him in a military uniform. I was told his name and his relation to me, but trying to find anything else about him was met with hostility, so I made him a promise that I would find his story.

When I asked my adopted family about our roots, the reaction was not very encouraging. I was dissuaded from doing the work by being told that I was not going to find much, if anything, due to a fire destroying records.  On my adopted father’s side, I was able to trace the line back to around the 1600 for his direct line. I am still working on the other branches, though the branch tied to my adopted mother currently dead ends after my great-grandfather’s parents, and the reason is because, according to my cousin, members of the family met their end in Auschwitz-Birkenau. I was floored at the revelation, and on some level the resistance made sense.

I started researching my biological family after my biological father passed away. I knew that my biological father came from Scottish blood, but not much else. My biological mother told me what she could about both her side and his. I am currently working on his side of the family, and that family is huge and old. Currently I can follow the line back to Norman Times, but due to some confusion and issues, I am working with cousins to fix things so that it can help others.

A Little Bit of Family History Help


I decided to let some other things go and am paying for my ancestry account so I can fix my tree on Family Search and see about figuring out the mystery beyond my second Great-grandfather, which to do it and so I could save the info for cousins and family that do not have a paid ancestry account, everything is being saved on my hard drive and put in folders labeled by the person or family. Nothing is getting added that cannot be proven, IE they have to have a birth certificate, death certificate, Find A Grave, Marriage Certificate or a Census record. Now I know that some censuses cam get messed up so I have a back up source.

Eventually I will do a DNA test when I have some extra monies, and then see what it brings up. I know its going to show a lot of English or Scottish blood and likely some German from my mom’s side.

And I know that Monday is not the day for Family History, but that is what I am working on because I am having issues with my Urban Fantasy book right now and I need some time away from actively writing on it for now.

I found a video on YouTube that may help with the Cousin Explanation so I am going to add it here.

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