Rules For Paranormal Romance


Happy Saturday Everyone! To the Dad’s out there……


Now lets get to the post. It came to be because I was taking a break from being a Ninja Plotter. I did so much work to catch up that I actually hit the wall called, burnout. So I got some sleep and decided that I was going to work on my family history, but I did not get too far on that right off.

Then I decided to go and watch some YouTube, and one of the videos was about Paranormal Romances and that led to the notes that ended up being this post.

Rules For Paranormal Romance


Coffee & Makeup

Anita Reads

Alone: Lead female is always alone somehow. For whatever reason, her family is always dead and gone.

Innocent As Hell: She is a virgin when it comes to sex, and it may be way off her radar.

Dark Man: He is always the dark broody type that is good looking and well built.

Bah Humbug Cupid: He’s given up on romance for some reason and may actually have a dislike for the fairer sex.

Cupid’s Revenge: Love at First Sight on his side while she is not totally into it.

We Are Family:  He has family. His family is introduced to keep the series going.

Laissez Les  Bons Temps Rouler: At least one book has to be set in New Orleans, Louisiana.

PoV: Point of View tends to shift between the hero and heroine.

Its Hot In Here: Very frequent hot sex scenes.

Plot Central: The romance is central to the plot.

Focus: The romance of the story focuses solely on one couple.

If: If its a series, the books may be able to be read as stand atones because each book focuses on a different couple and their relationship.

Cover Art: The cover has a hot man on the cover compared to UF that has a bad assed woman on the cover.


















And So It Begins!


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It’s Friday! That means it’s Family History Day. TGIF!

If you tap the pull down under Family, you’ll notice two main trees. The Day and the Napier. I was adopted so I have the pleasure of having two distinct trees, almost like being a double agent. <grins>

I am working on them each one at a time. I have named each generation a branch . So far on the Napier tree I have five branches. Oh yes, there are more, and they will be added as I get to them.

Family that ties to either tree by marriage will have a sub-page under the tree it links to. For example, if I got married, my husband’s tree would be linked under both the Napier and Day trees as a sub tree.

So far it has been both a fun and educational ride. I have learned a good deal about my roots, which includes surprises on both trees. You can learn a lot about yourself doing this work.

Just in the last three years I have found cousins I never knew I had, found cousins I lost contact with, as well as found my daughter, so I’d say it was worth it, every inch of it.


It’s Raining……

Credit: By Peabody Awards - Anthony Bourdain and Charlie Rose, CC BY 2.0


Everything was right with the wold when I fell into bed at 4 in the morning. I had just wrote nearly 1,000 words of notes after I pulled tarot cards for my character’s ordinary world, my roommate brought home sandwiches from work and an additional treat of salami ends from the slicers and some ham. I love the butt ends of the salami so now when she closes she brings them home for me to munch on.

I went to bed exhausted but very happy. It was almost 2 in the afternoon when I woke up. I planned to work on the next part of my layout, the call to adventure, after I had breakfast and coffee. Usually, that’s when I check my phone and do my rounds for Hogwarts Mystery. Today, I dropped my phone after seeing the breaking from CNN about Tony’s passing. All I could say was ‘Why Tony?’ as I broke down and bawled.

My eldest brother took his own life. I can empathize with all of those that ask why. I am still asking why after all these years for my brother. I will also never know how, just that it was by his own hand. His brother would join him as a result of drugs.

Tony was an idol, and an inspiration for me as a writer. He was not afraid to speak his mind and tossed cuss words in like they were ingredients in a recipe. He went places that others would not and showed the true power of food and drink, the power to bring people together and build bonds.

Requiescat in Pace Tony. Your demons are now quiet. I look forward to see what is on the menu when I get to the big restaurant in the sky!

Now I am going to write what I had planned today.