What Makes a New Adult Novel?

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  1. Your Readership: The audience is between 18 and 30
  2.  Protagonist: . Protagonist is between the ages of 18-30 give or take.
  3.  A Bunch of Firsts: Characters are often doing something that involves them being on their own for the first time in their lives, or they are experiencing other milestones like jobs, relationships, etc for the first time.
  4. Plot: The plot should address what it is like to be someone that is newly adult and has to deal with the things that come with being a new adult.
  5. Voices: The characters should have powerful Voices that fit the age range
  6. Pacing:  The story should be quickly paced
  7. Swearing: Swearing is allowed
  8. Parents: Parents are more in the background.
  9. Focus: Characters are more focused on the future, compared to YA which focuses on right now.
  10. Sex: You do not have to get explicit but remeber the sex focuses on more then just the feelings the characters experience whereas YA forces more on just the feeling.
  11. Chick Lit: Some say the reads are chick lit because of the romance in it.
  12. Partners and Relationships: Partners may be of the darker kind along with the relationships and it could be seen as needing trigger warnings, same goes with the content the plot may deal with.
  13. Covers: Many of the books have men with tattoos on the covers.
  14. Diversity: Diversity is lacking in the Genre.


Hot One in the Old Town Today

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Okay sorry its been ages but….life tossed me some curve balls and I hit a wall. Luckily I was able to kick the wall and get past it! Right now it is just after two in the afternoon and it is in the upper to mid 90s and well no AC so that does tend to lead to cranky peoples and such.

One of the things I have been busy with is rebuilding my novel files and researching the genre’s for one of my books.  I figure that I have a better chance at it being published if I know what editors and readers like and don’t like. It will be posted right after this. 

I just wanted to give a brief on where I have been so people don’t worry. And yes there will be more updates after it cools off some.



Why Family History?

That is a question that nearly anyone that does genealogy is either asked or asks. For me the answer is because I want to know who I am. I think this happens with everyone that is adopted at some point in their lives. Now, I do know that not everyone that is adopted, knows it or wants to rock the boat by investigating. Nor is every reunion story a happy one. 

I knew I was adopted from the onset. I was around 8 when I was adopted. I spent much of my life not wanting to know, that was until I saw a photo of my adopted great-uncle, Melvin. I asked about him because I saw a photo of him in a military uniform. I was told his name and his relation to me, but trying to find anything else about him was met with hostility, so I made him a promise that I would find his story.

When I asked my adopted family about our roots, the reaction was not very encouraging. I was dissuaded from doing the work by being told that I was not going to find much, if anything, due to a fire destroying records.  On my adopted father’s side, I was able to trace the line back to around the 1600 for his direct line. I am still working on the other branches, though the branch tied to my adopted mother currently dead ends after my great-grandfather’s parents, and the reason is because, according to my cousin, members of the family met their end in Auschwitz-Birkenau. I was floored at the revelation, and on some level the resistance made sense.

I started researching my biological family after my biological father passed away. I knew that my biological father came from Scottish blood, but not much else. My biological mother told me what she could about both her side and his. I am currently working on his side of the family, and that family is huge and old. Currently I can follow the line back to Norman Times, but due to some confusion and issues, I am working with cousins to fix things so that it can help others.