Hello From The Lighthouse!



With the recent changes in my life, I thought it would be good to turn the page and start a new chapter of the story. 

Why a lighthouse you may ask? Simple. I have always loved them and I grew up on the Great Lakes, where they abound and I have heard the stories of how they have guided others to safety. 

What rooms are inside this lighthouse? You can see them above in the menu. Below I will list what I hope to use the room for.

  • NanoWriMo Cycle — Tracking my participation through Camp Nanowrimo and NanoWriMo this year.
  • Novel Notes — A repository of items that I think will be helpful to my fellow authors out there. This will be mainly links to articles, programs,  blog posts, and YouTube Videos.
  • Reviews — My reviews of books, shows, movies, places, tools, and current events.
  • Family History — My family History work for all parts of my Biological and adopted family.
  • Contact — A form to contact me by.
  • My Blog Index — A list of my blog posts organized by year and month so that readers can find posts quickly and easily.
  • The News Stand — updates from my life.

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